Stories . A lot of them

For a few months now., I have been doing story events in a library near my home over the weekends

I love conjuring up the show, Some times I read from a picture book. on other occasions I enact out the entire story, with songs and dance

Thus far we have done the day the crayons quit read aloud, stories for Pongal/Sankranti where I enacted the rooster and the sun from Tulika, Farmer Falgu from Karadi tales and the Grinch that stole Christmas for a Xmas event

Farmer Falgu book has given me a lot of opportunity to get back to what I love doing – singing and dancing to Bollywood songs ( which I aced while in college )

The story has a farmer that goes in search of silence. But en route, he meets an eccentric old man that pulls out a drum and starts singing some catchy songs. Farmer falgu  forgets that he was in search of silence and joins in

Later he meets a snake charmer that plays a mesmerizing tune on his pungi(called a been in India). He also meets a troupe of Rajastani dancers , dressed in shimmering ghagras and colorful bangles and duppatas.

These gave me a great opportunity to incorporate hit Bollywood numbers in the performance that was well received

I look forward to doing a valentine day event for kids in the library ,in february .My mind is already buzzing with colorful picture books on love , bonding and families that can be read on the Feb 14th


Serengeti Bangalore

Backlogs galore!

Enjoyed an afternoon lunch with friends from college at Serengeti Total Mall Madivala Bengaluru

This is a rainforest themed restaurant with wild animal and tribal setting.

A delight for little kids ! So if you have a fussy eater , that has probably finished his/.her lunch by the time you order the main course, you can be assured that the animals, and the tribal setting would keep them busy!

Storipur – Tail tales

Attended “tail tales” by Storipur this weekend

Entertaining show with puppets and animals. The story is a popular one – from Karadi Tales about a lizard losing his tail .

The boy did some tail coloring with rainbow colors

overall good fun. so enamored we were that we came home and did our own lizard craft with brown chart paper

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Books on space + craft

The book and craft is from Little Reader’s Nook which I subscribe to. This sunday we finally put the rocket craft with much love and excitement10698437_10152671795039826_3440030746378388151_n The book is lovely and has great illustrations , an adventure of a little girl and her pet when they get swooooshed over to the moon  by a gush of wind


The surprise and very funny ending will result in lots of giggles and kids exclaiming “How funny” !!


Love Book Exchange

Trust The BubbleInk Writes  to come up with awesome book and craft ideas.

She facilitated a love books exchange in association with  the Educators Spin on it this July .

The Educators spin on it facilitate a book and craft exchange between book loving parents in the U.S ( which is done during the US summer ).

Thanks to the BubbleInk momma , parents from India took part in this exchange for the first time. We were paired with Chetana from Bengaluru.

We shipped our package to Chetana early July. You can read about it here

We recently received a package from Chetana too that contained one book and craft

Chetana sent us the famous The Giving Tree book

She sent us an awesome apple tree craft which she picked from Itsy Bitsy

My son wanted to finish the craft as soon as he set his eyes on it

So we finished the craft within a day of receiving it

My son wanted to place the red apple slightly closer to the boy so it seems like he is reaching out to pick it

We loved doing this activity and are getting addicted to book + craft combinations

It keeps us happy and oh yes shuts the kid out of screen time !

Thanks Chetana and special mention and thanks to the BubbleInk Writes for this awesome idea of book+craft exchange

We loved being part of this 2014 exchange




Pratham Annual Story event – Books @ a library

We had 10+ kids that enjoyed Annual haircut day , Rain Rain and finally the Takloo story at Words Work library
For every book read, we had amazing interactions . We discussed about rain and its benefits, how it benefits a farmer, we sang Machli jal ki raani hai for the fish
For the takloo story, we categorized dishes into sweet and salt variety, went wondering what cities comprise the West of India, what ocean on the West of India and where the PM came from . I also stopped and asked kids what would they do with all that salt.  Most of them said they would sell it 😉
Kids and parents alike enjoyed the highly  interactive session and I got special kudos from a parent which was  very inspiring 
Oh ! when it comes to salt, how can we forget nimbu paani
We made Nimbu Paani and said ” Say cheers to Pratham”10423963_10152669941234826_1729770946307419847_n (1)

Pratham Champion Program 2014 – HSR Govt school

I began my session at a government school in HSR this year. I am glad I began my session at a Govt school. I think the Pratham initiative is directed towards the under privileged primarily and I am glad I lived up to that expectation.
I narrated the Takloo story to 60+ kids from 6th and 7th grade
These  are English medium kids and understand and converse well in English. Neverthless I did translate to Kannada wherever possible and I am amazed at my Kannada which I don’t use frequently
I had taken 20 charts that had a takloo printout in the centre (this was the tough job because I had to do this after work , say between 7-9 PM when it was time for dinner ;- the previous night) . 
There is a lot of thought that goes into this – craft paper, glue,crayons, print outs, books for the session, packing for the session lest we miss out something at the last minute
Kids were given color pencils and crayons to bring Takloo’s village on paper
We drew various hats for Takloo even a Dr Suess Hat
Getting 60+ kids to draw and color is tough. We had to manage with the crayons  I took.  They made noise, there was commotion, my 5 year old waited at the class door for a good 2 hrs for me to finish and thank his patience for this
We took a lot of pictures and oh yes kids remembered me as the same auntie that came for the Pratham session last year
Now ain’t that a very nice and proud feeling10612675_10152669955969826_8326453296388879237_n