Pratham Annual Story event – Books @ a library

We had 10+ kids that enjoyed Annual haircut day , Rain Rain and finally the Takloo story at Words Work library
For every book read, we had amazing interactions . We discussed about rain and its benefits, how it benefits a farmer, we sang Machli jal ki raani hai for the fish
For the takloo story, we categorized dishes into sweet and salt variety, went wondering what cities comprise the West of India, what ocean on the West of India and where the PM came from . I also stopped and asked kids what would they do with all that salt.  Most of them said they would sell it 😉
Kids and parents alike enjoyed the highly  interactive session and I got special kudos from a parent which was  very inspiring 
Oh ! when it comes to salt, how can we forget nimbu paani
We made Nimbu Paani and said ” Say cheers to Pratham”10423963_10152669941234826_1729770946307419847_n (1)

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