3rd !

Did my third story session today for this weekend

A bit nauseating right. I am looking forward to work eagerly tomorrow 🙂

It was my colleague’s daughter’s first birthday and I couldn’t refuse

Kids listened to rooster and sun from tulika

I had some hand puppets my sister got us from U.K and I used the same

Kids and adults had fun


Some chills though before the story event:

A)Had an awful lift in the hotel, that was pitch dark inside, Asked the security guard to accompany us to the party hall

B) stepped out just 15 min before the story event to buy biscuits for the boy and ended up getting stuck for a good 5 min in the dreaded lift

Thanks to a family that occupied the lift – else might of died of exhaustion and fear

Talk of chills before stories

and thoughts in the head :

How would the child go home if I died in the lift. what if it crashed ? How will the stories happen without me .

Did I say I hate elevators/lifts in India?



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