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Stories . A lot of them

For a few months now., I have been doing story events in a library near my home over the weekends

I love conjuring up the show, Some times I read from a picture book. on other occasions I enact out the entire story, with songs and dance

Thus far we have done the day the crayons quit read aloud, stories for Pongal/Sankranti where I enacted the rooster and the sun from Tulika, Farmer Falgu from Karadi tales and the Grinch that stole Christmas for a Xmas event

Farmer Falgu book has given me a lot of opportunity to get back to what I love doing – singing and dancing to Bollywood songs ( which I aced while in college )

The story has a farmer that goes in search of silence. But en route, he meets an eccentric old man that pulls out a drum and starts singing some catchy songs. Farmer falgu  forgets that he was in search of silence and joins in

Later he meets a snake charmer that plays a mesmerizing tune on his pungi(called a been in India). He also meets a troupe of Rajastani dancers , dressed in shimmering ghagras and colorful bangles and duppatas.

These gave me a great opportunity to incorporate hit Bollywood numbers in the performance that was well received

I look forward to doing a valentine day event for kids in the library ,in february .My mind is already buzzing with colorful picture books on love , bonding and families that can be read on the Feb 14th