3rd !

Did my third story session today for this weekend

A bit nauseating right. I am looking forward to work eagerly tomorrow 🙂

It was my colleague’s daughter’s first birthday and I couldn’t refuse

Kids listened to rooster and sun from tulika

I had some hand puppets my sister got us from U.K and I used the same

Kids and adults had fun


Some chills though before the story event:

A)Had an awful lift in the hotel, that was pitch dark inside, Asked the security guard to accompany us to the party hall

B) stepped out just 15 min before the story event to buy biscuits for the boy and ended up getting stuck for a good 5 min in the dreaded lift

Thanks to a family that occupied the lift – else might of died of exhaustion and fear

Talk of chills before stories

and thoughts in the head :

How would the child go home if I died in the lift. what if it crashed ? How will the stories happen without me .

Did I say I hate elevators/lifts in India?


Some serious awesomeness

Attended a shadow play show + magic show + jugglery performed by a boy barely 15 or 16 at a friends’ apartment complex

The kids enjoyed it and it was a wonderful evening

Some apartments are celebrating Ganesha festival indeed with much gusto

My son, 5 came back and pulled all that he could, from cartons to the bubble wrap that came from amazon.in to try some balancing and jugglery

Talk of imitation


Ganesha Finally

Last year, I wrote to a children’s activity centre if I could narrate Ganesha stories to kids. They asked me send the poster which I never made. And I never got to do the session. Well Ganesha stories are special for Ganesha’s birthday and make little sense a month or two later

I got an opportunity at a book loving friend’s apartment complex to tell stories this year

Narrated the tales from Tulika (It’s all the same ) and Little Vinayak from Karadi Tales.

Incorporated songs and dance.

The kids chanted Ganpati Bappa Morya and it was truly a wonderful evening

Thanks to the apartment complex society for being so nice and warm

World Map Puzzle

I am a huge fan of puzzles. This is a Melissa and Dough puzzle, very pricey for the Indian pocket.

Was contemplating to return the packet as soon as I received it due to cost, but glad  I retained it

And some interesting conversations with the 5 yr old when we did this

He says Antartica is closer to India and now wants to go there. He drew a straight line and said “see its closer”

I need to google up stuff for such questions. My geography is all forgotten