Love Books exchange

We love picture books . We do a wee bit of craft when I am not busy . We have had many an awesome book exchanges here in India, thanks to Raji from the Bubbleink

So when she asks if we would love to take part in a picture book and craft exchange as part of Love Books exchange , we agreed readily

love books participants

While we readily agreed to send a book and craft to another family, we apologize profusely to having delayed it, thanks to a major release at the work place

The last week or so has been exciting with me doing multiple visits to the craft store, putting together craft items for the activity

Btw, I am sending my craft to Chooku Booku

Chetana, the brain behind Chooku Booku conducts story and craft sessions for kids in Bangalore.

We have chosen a lovely book on animals that also emphasizes on helping others when in need . So I hope this book helps her for her story and reading sessions as well

We paired craft activities from the very famous ItsyBitsy  store


letterI wrote a hand written letter, dutifully signed by my 5 yr old and I hope Aarav,Chetana’s 5 yr old has fun , cuddling and reading with his momma


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