Pratham Champion Program 2014 – HSR Govt school

I began my session at a government school in HSR this year. I am glad I began my session at a Govt school. I think the Pratham initiative is directed towards the under privileged primarily and I am glad I lived up to that expectation.
I narrated the Takloo story to 60+ kids from 6th and 7th grade
These  are English medium kids and understand and converse well in English. Neverthless I did translate to Kannada wherever possible and I am amazed at my Kannada which I don’t use frequently
I had taken 20 charts that had a takloo printout in the centre (this was the tough job because I had to do this after work , say between 7-9 PM when it was time for dinner ;- the previous night) . 
There is a lot of thought that goes into this – craft paper, glue,crayons, print outs, books for the session, packing for the session lest we miss out something at the last minute
Kids were given color pencils and crayons to bring Takloo’s village on paper
We drew various hats for Takloo even a Dr Suess Hat
Getting 60+ kids to draw and color is tough. We had to manage with the crayons  I took.  They made noise, there was commotion, my 5 year old waited at the class door for a good 2 hrs for me to finish and thank his patience for this
We took a lot of pictures and oh yes kids remembered me as the same auntie that came for the Pratham session last year
Now ain’t that a very nice and proud feeling10612675_10152669955969826_8326453296388879237_n

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