Pratham books Reading Champion program

The Pratham books reading champion program happens every September

Read details here

10628608_10152622633699826_2756184524318869153_nThese are activities I could think of for this year’s book

A)Craft work – village setup

B)Painting varied sizes pots colorful

C)Puzzles solving – opposites ! (the book has ample opportunity to teach opposites)

D)Showing different coins and rupees to little ones and getting them into understanding money . Club with Rupaiya paisa series from Pratham (

E) Have children draw takloos and give him the weirdest hair do
F) Have a huge cut out of Takloo. Carry colored wool or black wool and glue. Have children stick black wool to Takloo’s head

G)The main protagonist in the story stays in a small town where salt gets made. Get children to put puzzle pieces of India .

Point out to West India ( where the story is set ). Point out to rivers, sea on the India map


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