Picks from Hippo – Visit 2

10366190_10152410643259826_3307468369492706028_n (1) While 95% of the IT professionals would head home after work, I headed straight to Hippo last evening

My laptop bag resembled the one the flipkart courier guy carries with him, huge and bloated with 6 books that were to be returned  and it had a few more that I received at work (new ones from flipkart)

I was the only one around in the library returning and picking new books

Loved the silence ! Just the admin staff and me and books around. Bliss

Spotted a noddy in a corner and it brought back memories of my town and its little library !

aah nostalgia !

…I love books that have been read and re-read multiple times so much so the librarian puts a tape to keep the pages together. Books that look worn out .

I have begun to love  this library, its huge spacious hall filled with books and the silence

.. You don’t need new books all the time.

The ones that have been read by many others , many times over are just good !

** Made it to work this morning at 10:30 AM (very late by my standards). Boy wanted me to read ALL the 6  before I dropped him off at daycare else was ready to throw tantrums.

Had no other option but reset the security alarm at home and settle on the sofa with the 6 picks and the boy next to me

Beautiful Summer vacation this !



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