The Metro

What kept us away from the metro ride for so long, I know not. May be an unknown fear of venturing out of home alone with a 4 year old , new surroundings and being on my own was a bit daunting

Putting our fears to rest, we finally did the metro on saturday after the puppet show, even as we were unsure if we were gonna get caught in a downpour

The boy liked handling his own token(ticket) at the metro entry and exit gates

Did MG road to Byapnahalli .  

and took the trip back from Byapnahalli to Indiranagar

Indiranagar to home on local buses.

phew  ! stayed away from home between 4-9 PM and were lucky to escape the down pour

brave momma ! brave son !


Bengaluru Metro Done !

DSC_0030** I love what they have done to the Metro walk way in MG road. There is something for every one . A small play area for kids, an exhibition arena for art enthusiasts. Last week as I walked to Rangasthala  (I did a story workshop in MG rd last weekend ) ,I saw some one pull out a paper and pencil and begin to sketch. This was an early morning sunday say 10 AM.  I was on my own, those very rare moments when I get to do things minus the 4 yr old tagging along

No littering of the place , they even have well maintained toilets – pay and use ones


DSC_0029Filled me with happiness. !

Did I say I love Bengaluru


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