H for Hippo

so finally after  much dilly dallying , I got ourselves a Hippocampus membership

Why would you dilly dally about a library membership you ask – for some one severely handicapped with her driving skills, travelling from HSR to Koramangala would mean hopping on to a bus from HSR to silk board., battling the traffic with a 4 yr old that would refuse to walk, me fretting and fuming  even as I manoeuvre  the library books, the 4 yr old, his water bottle and nick nacks ! and save ourselves from getting knocked by a 4 wheeler in  the  famed traffic of Bangalore, even as my brain plays a “you could order these books from flipkart “. Did I say I am a Piscean, 2 fishes that swim in opposite directions. I can never be sure about my decisions !

phew ! but that cannot be a deterrent and play spoiler for the 4 yr old’s life long tryst with books !

So here I am. finally with a membership with the most sought after library for kids in south bangalore

I enjoyed visiting the only town library in the small town that I grew up . I would want my son to enjoy and get a feel on what a library is. after all flipkart ain’t a library ! and we are running out of space at home too and .. those 100 odd picture books delivered at the workplace every other day makes my heart skip a beat – how many $$$ are spent on picture books? every week.

Yea I know parents safe guard certain toys and clothes with an assumption that if they ever had another child, the used stuff could be safely passed on to the younger one. But I would probably be the first parent to plan another child because we have too many picture books at home 😉

So getting back to Hippo, this isn’t the first time we are at Hippo.We have attended many a bookalore events in their backyard . I have always dreamt of reading to the son sitting under the huge peepal tree (??) . and the library itself is so very welcoming, has events over the weekends for members. So sooner or later this Piscean had to hop on to the membership wagon even as her heart said ” get the books from flipkart.just a click away”

So , the son gets to play in the library while I choose books for him



Our 1st set from Hippo goes as follows:



Today , was the last day to return the books and unfortunately the library was closed. So we get to keep the books for a few days

Mr Jeejeebhoy had lured me enough ever since I attended the  play last summer by the Gillo group

..my joy knew no bounds when I spotted this in Hippo

I enjoyed drooling over the illustrations and got to  finally feel the picture book that was adapted so wonderfully by the Gillo group

I  look forward to atleast fortnightly visits to Hippo and spending an hour browsing books and reading to him as he sits on my lap, or him fixing the many puzzles they possess even as I drool and pop my eyes out at their collection




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