The Tulika Medley

Kumbhakarna was fast asleep.

Aditi and Anushka of Ranganna fame painted his nails in all possible colors – violet, pink, red, green and brown !

Shanmugam the lion was asleep . khoorrrrrrrrrrrr pusshhhhhh . 

Gajapati Gulapati did a huge hachoooooooooooooooooo and woke up Shanmugam and Kumbhakarna


Going over board ain’t I. and why not. The evening of 27th April saw a congregation of some famous Tulika authors and illustrations . where else but at Atta Galatta Koramangala Bangalore

Neighbours Envy ! Bengaluru’s Pride

ImageThe event began with Arthi Anand narrating and enacting from her famous Ranganna book about the baby elephant that loved to paint his nails.

The hall was packed . This being summer and schools closed for holidays

Kids and parents alike shook their legs , and did a mini jig as they sang the Ranganna dance

Image…and how can you miss the famous ek do teen Hindi hit  number from the 1980’s .So we sang ek do deen as we counted the nails on Ranganna so as to chose nail polish for him


The evening also saw the launch of Gajapati Gulapati Kalabalooooosh . The very lovable elephant from Tulika
The temperatures are indeed soaring in Bengaluru and how we wished we could join  the village postman, flower seller,milkman and Gajapati Gulapati and land plosssh into the village pond

Gajapati Gulapati is soo adorable that we could lap up any story concerning him. But Arthi took the narration to a whole new level what with kids thumping on their thighs  ( to create the Gajapati running effect ) and clapping their hands to invoke rain and thunder

The Baby Bahadur series are a favourite in our home and it was a very gratifying  to get 2 stories – Shanmugam the lion and color color Kamini read out to kids by the author Radhika Chadda herself

and while you talk about Tulika, it would be grossly unfair if you missed praising the illustrators that take the stories to a whole new level with their quirky illustrations

My son loved replicating an elephant and a monkey from What did you see, drawn by Soumya Menon herself on a white board

Having just passed out of Nursery, the boy aces his ABC’s. It was delightful to draw quirky innovative animals and birds using ABC’s Thank you Sayan Mukherjee.

…and just when you thought the kids were getting little restlesss and asked for water and biscuits, who do you guess was waiting downstairs

Kumbhakarna in flesh and blood ! mind it

The launch of Kumbhakarna  a few months back, saw a giant Kumbhakarna made out of pillows and bedspreads. The event had one child peeping into the bed sheets and claiming there was no Kumbhakarna (You can read about the launch event here)

ImageSo Arundhati ! outdid her launch event today by having a real Kumbhakarna in flesh and blood

So while Vikram ( theatre personality Tahatto)  snored and snored, kids tickled him, blew trumpets , and drove elephants over him

…boy what fun that was ! the perfect dessert , cool and funny the same !

P.S : midway through the event, the son started prancing around, sat on my lap and began pulling my hair and blowing me kisses saying : love you very much amma. He does that when he is very playful and cheerful. Goes to say how much he loved the 2 hours

..and how can you head home without stuffing a few of Tulika. This time around we got home what did you see , a funny tale of a girl’s visit to the zoo . We plan to draw more animals from this book

We also got home Hey that’s an A

When we got back home, the husband asked if we realized that the ground shook for a few seconds this evening

Unperturbed I exclaimed why not – the earth shook because  Ranganna did his famous Ranganna dance ,  gajapati gulapati ran  thud thud thud and  fell into water kalabaloooosh and  kids blew trumpets and whistles to wake up kumbhakarna.

No wonder the mini earth quake of sorts !

What a memorable evening – amidst books , authors, illustrators , drama , Atta Galatta cakes and of course books , books and more Picture books – burrp ! excuse me !

hit hai.tulika day Bengaluru.Neighbors envy.Bengalurus pride !

P.S : More pics from the event can be viewed here


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