Haven’t we all wasted time on social media only to realize that we have important work pending. It would be something as simple as cleaning a room at home or finishing some task at work. Today social media sucks us in its vicious web

In fact even as I type this, I wonder if this post that takes a little more than 30 min to publish  is really important on this sunday morning when I have myriad chores to finish before the Monday comes calling

The folks at Little Reader’s Nook sent us this book – The song of a scarecrow .

A beautiful award winning story that dwells on striking a balance between fun and responsibilities

Today I chose this book for read aloud for my 4 year old on the topic emotions because this book covers a gamut of emotions

read along …

ImageA scarecrow is bored , doing the mundane task of guarding a field and decides to stray . He wants to have fun and leaves his field

ImageHe has a happy time catching butterflies,chasing clouds and mimicking birds building nests

ImageBy noon, he is tired and fast asleep. As the sun sets, he feels homesick and walks back to his field.

And is truly shocked. Because when he was away, the birds had eaten up all the corn and the field now resembled a battle field

ImageFilled with remorse and tears rolling out his cheeks, the scarecrow promises never to leave his field.

ImageHe is shown taking care of the fields , contented  and happy, come rain or shine .

Image…. He is shown standing , staring at the corn as they leave in bullock carts.  As much as he is happy that they are all grown now, he is sad parting with the corn that he spent every day and night with

..and he awaits new baby corn in the field

What works marvelously in this book is the illustrations and the poetry that the author has penned towards the last few pages

Sample this :

When you leave in autumn day

The distant bells faintly chime

I’am happy to see you going, babies

And wait for others to become mine

This book won the Chitra Katha award 2002 and received an honourable mention at the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2003

oh and last but not the least , I am truly feeling JEALOUS that I didn’t author this book 😉


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