Celebrating Colors in its many forms

Colors mean different things to different people

1978658_1430165323896384_1189100034_nA mom watches a sleeping child lovingly , muses that it is this child that brought color in her life – with its baby talk and gibberish

Small girls love to paint their nails with nail polish . This brings them joy. As a little girl I looked forward to the monthly sandai(market) . The Rs 5 nail polish gave us immense joy – to both me and my twin and we spent hours painting our nails, then applying nail polish remover and doing it all over again !

Little children love getting messy –  after all Dhaag acche hain ( Mess is fun !) says a popular Indian advertisement for washing powders. Watching colors getting mixed up brings them joy and delight. Its magical for their little brains

Watching an orange sunset or watching the blue waves on a beach brings calm and peace . It is how nature plays with colors

Today, we celebrate not one but 4 books – each dwelling on pure joy that colors bring into our lives in their myriad forms

65478_1430165290563054_1035531768_nAmma , tell me about Holi.  The author , an investment banker in Hongkong  has penned 4 books on Indian mythology lovingly for her boys . This particular book is my favorite in the mythology series . If you are looking at introducing Indian mythology to your children or toddlers , the amma tell me about series is the perfect stop – filled with bright illustrations, set in rhyming words, makes it a great read aloud material

In this book. the author has emphasized on how holi is a game to be played gently – and lovingly, especially between a boy and a girl (Krishna and Radha)

58046_1430165247229725_856485581_nRanganna : While festivals mean crowded markets and traffic jams to the spouse, to me it means getting sucked in all the color and festivities. I love the market , with its seasonal flowers and fruits bustling with brisk business, I love walking past temples – with bright roses and garlands being sold at the entrance.  I love the fruits , the fruit sellers, the toy shops , the toys being sold. I love taking in every bit of the hustle bustle of India

..and like every mom , I say , if it weren’t for my son. I may have never begun celebrating festivals – and enjoyed  colors like I do today

I chose Ranganna as our second book. My particular favourite page is the one that features a temple – a very colorful and brightly illustrated page

1970935_1430165200563063_1138054_nThe Color Kittens : Playful banter. No wonder my four year old’s favourite. Two kittens  go about mixing buckets and buckets of colors. They discover new colours along the way. A cute , very playful book recommended by Falak who runs Tale in a Mail. Please check her recommendations here

This is my boy’s favourite. This month we had begun mixing colours at home and watched in delight  new colors getting formed. This book only added to the fun and reinforced our color mixing operation

My son finally said he was done with colors and wanted to read something normal. And he picked the Mountain that loved a bird and shoved it into my hands, little did he know he had unknowingly picked a classic  that celebrates nature

As I read along, I was musing on how nature is probably the best painter

ImageA barren mountain comes to life thanks to a bird named Joy that visits it every spring year after year

1926872_1430165150563068_1528339517_nIsn’t it time we said thank you to the child that makes us laugh and fills our lives with colors, to the rainbow that brightens up the sky, to the many lush green fields – the backbone of our country , to the hills and beaches we long to retreat to

…and above all isn’t it time to say thank you for being gifted with eye sight . Not every one is gifted you know !


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