Tell-a-Tale Contest

Little Readers Nook is hosting a tell-a-tale contest for Indian residents. Please look up the details here

Basically these are story cards that you take print out of and encourage your child to narrate a story using the characters they chose

I was skeptical of my child’s ability. We hadn’t done anything like this before , though I am aware of story dice . I haven’t had the time to visit Kutoohala to pick them up

But the 4.5 year old at home surprised me with his creativity

I am glad I didn’t have to show him a demo  – because my brain was fixed with certain stories when I viewed the cards myself . like a visit to a circus or a cinema theater

I am glad I didn’t corrupt his ideas by prompting him what I thought about the cards

So these are the stories he came up with :

All images were picked by my 4.5

He was very quick in narrating the stories and I had to catch up with my scribbling to keep pace with his thoughts

In a span of 30 minutes, we finished 5 stories .

I personally find the X mas story very coherent .

I am also happy that a lot of his stories revolve around friends and friendship

And what books and stories can do to you – is visible in the story of the missing kite. We read a similar story where a thief steals money and a daddy helps nab the thief. The book was Super dad.

I am glad a lot of the read alouds are retained in his brain 😉

Story 1 :


One day there was a car, huge and green and the car was roaming vroom vrrrom vroom and then the car saw a frog. Then car saw butterfiles and the car thought that he would make friends with them. with the butterflies . with the frog and with the dog. Then he told friends to dog, butterfly and frog

Story 2 :

ImageOne day there was a bus waiting for the children coming. Then suddenly he saw a lion and then he turned and then he saw a joker and then it was bus driver birthday and then the bus driver cut the cake and then all the people gave gifts and they play game and then they were having lots of fun and bus driver went to bus and drove with children in back seat. He then took them inside class

Story 3 :

ImageOne day one boy made a chrtistmas tree. Then he made his snowmen and then he got gift from santa . Then the boy went to bed and that boy slept off and santa gave him one more gift. Then he woke up and then he saw gift and opened it. Then he saw present of one Benton toy . Benton toy was good and then he played with it.Enough Enough thats all

Story 4 :

ImageOne day there was a cow in cow shed and then he saw a elephant and then he was happy to see his friend but he could not get out because of the fence. and the farmer came in tractor told the cow not to move.and the cow was not moving that night and then the elephant removed the fence with his trunk and then all friends came and played happily eve after

Story 5 :

ImageOne day 2 children were riding a horse. And then something strange was happening and then they saw one kite and tent.and then the kite was flying to the tent.and then they catched the kite and showed to their parents. They flied it outside their home and then day and night they flew kite.One day kite went missing and then they searched here and there.A thief took it and then dad hit thief

So there you see , this was fun and we spent atleast 30 minutes doing something creative

Encourage you to check it . If you are not in India, please do take a print out and encourage kids to weave a tale – after all winning is not everything . The time spent creatively is !


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