Just be you!

We all try to fit in – into jeans that no longer fit, we feel inferior if we cannot cook food a la Nigella Lawson in the kitchen .

Have we ever tried to look into our own selves and marveled at stuff we are good at . We rarely do that

I happened to pick two books from Tulika that celebrates “being unique” and “being you”

1896744_1429083880671195_1695287091_nColor Color Kamini from Tulika – A chameleon worries that she might not move on into a new class in the Tulika jungle because she cannot change colors like her friends. Everytime her teacher screams a color, Kamini is changing into all colors possible – from violets, to blues and indigos because she gets excited

Her teacher too doesn’t seem to help her, In fact she chides her

But guess who emerges the unlikely hero when the little chameleons are trampled by anna and akka, the teenager elephants

Well its our very own Kamini,with her color changing skills

And it takes her friend Baby Bahadur to tell her how special she is

Rooster Raaga : Ruru, the rooster cannot do the usual Kukkara Kooo Koo. He is in fact playing various tunes in his head all the time. Ruru , so badly wants to sing on Rooster day but worries if his friends would mock at his many tunes

He goes about taking help from a cat, to a cow, to a duck and a pig.

And again it takes a friend to tell him that he is perfect the way he is

And ruru feels all good and nice and sings his famous rooster song – a medley of sorts on his special day

Don’t forget to listen to Jeeva aunty’s narration on youtube 

…and what if I cannot debug code like my lead at work, I am famous for quirky facebook statuses and my friends envy me for that .. lol !


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