Make some noise !

For many weeks now , I have been excited about the launch of Junior Kumbhakarna , the latest picture book from Tulika,

I would be lying through my nose if I said , I do kiddie events for the sake of the 4 yr old. The truth is that I love being a kid , getting lost in picture books and having a ball in kiddie events and there is no dearth of such events in Bengaluru.

ImageOn the evening of 8th Mar, the boy and me left at the nick of time to Atta Galatta to attend the book launch of Junior Kumbakarna.

And trust me, I am not one of those coy moms that sits silent in a workshop. So when I told my son at around 4:15 PM at home, that I plan to pack drums and trumphets, he was delighted.

And so  this time around, we not only carried the usual – biscuits and water bottle, we stopped at a local toy store and bought some  trumphets and drums to make noise- to wake up Kumbhakarna !

ImageArundhati, the author had put in a lot of thought into the setting. Because a huge mattress wrapped in a colorful bedsheet lying on the sofa made it seem like Kumbhakarna himself , or so the kids thought

One by one, they tried braying like donkeys, blowing the drums and trumpets ( and here we jumped and blew our trumpets and drums we carried from home ) much to the amusement of the fellow parents , and there was this little girl, a enthu cutlet , that took a peek under the bedsheet only to exclaim : There is nothing in here, much to the amusement of every one around Oh  kids !

We went on to make a crown using paper. Kids went on to color Kumbhakarna . The boy got pink and red . And his Kumbhakarna resembled  Karimuga, the Pleasant Rakshasha what with his pink cheeks and colorful body

we also got our book signed by the author .

As for the book itself, we love the illustrations that are playful  and it is turning out to be a hit in many Indian households. AAhhh !  there is something about Rakshashas that make them very lovable . and if it is a harmless, food loving , sleep loving Rakshasha,  that burps loud and does not want to wake up on time – the pleasure only doubles for kids

PS : I have been drawing parallels to a sleep loving lion called Shanmugam from another popular Tulika book – Snoring Shanmugam at home. Did Kumbhakarna do Khurrr Psssh like Shanumgam the lion, I ask my son . I loved Arundhati’s setting  and I am going to turn few pillows into Kumbhakarna to add to the fun

Mommies, if you love books and have been doing playdates, why not pick this book and turn pillows and bedspreads into a giant. I am sure kids would love it .

With just a few more days to go for the summer vacations  , both mommy and son are ready to turn into Kumbhakarna’s  , what with waking up every day by  6 AM to fix tiffin boxes

It is amazing to see Bengaluru mommy bloggers turn into authors

…and so we dream on

Sleep tight and may you dream about food and laddoos !

P.S The above picture with a snoring Kumbhkarna . Credits of which go to Atta Galatta !


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