Around the Story Tree

vikramJust got back home from an wonderful interactive story session by Vikram Sridhar. The guy keeps it simple . His stories have kids naming all the characters, kids choose what animals should be in, what colors they wear,  whether they were happy or sad… tra la la la.. you get it right

So the kids shouted the animal names that ought to live in cold regions and just like that Vikram had a story that had santa and the animals

So instead of Santa gifting people around the world, this story had animals that visited Santa and got him gifts when he was old and down with a flu

Interesting ain’t it

It does not matter if it makes sense or not, but what matters is that  kids screamed and laughed and had a very “INTERACTIVE EVENING”

And from not wanting to tell anything about himself , and screaming Gruffalo when asked for the name of any animal, our 4 year old had a great guffaw time this evening

Happened to stop at Landmark at Forum Mall, desperate to get some X mas books and was disappointed. what waa amazing though was the boy recognizing other Julia Donaldson books and the Gruffalo amongst others



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