Ho Ho Ho !!

On the evening of the 16th, the son and I attended a story telling surrounding X-mas tales. The story telling was held at Ever After Learning, based at Bellandur Bangalore. I must say very happily , this is the closest story telling sessions we have attended in all of Bangalore, what with taking buses to MG Road and the likes for other sessions

The first story that Deeptha narrated that truly warmed me up was the story of The Baker. The Baker’s dozen is a Saint Nicholas Tale story that wants us to beleive in spirits and miracles. Please do check the story here

Story 2 was another heart warming story of how a poor family gets home a X mas tree that lies on a rubbish pile. Nevertheless the family gets all excited and decorates it with pop corn,a  baby rattle and what not. The tree feels very happy to be accepted and loved in the presence of the family. Read the story here

Together we all tried singing the Deck the halls carol, followed by Rudolph the reindeer song

There was also a puzzle for older kids which I managed to finish pretty quick 😉

We happily got back home after checking out a really colorful huge santa clause umbrella in one of the super markets in that area

Thanks Ever After Learning for introducing us to brand new international stories.

 This X-mas season , I am particularly reminded of a winter I spent in Romania doing a project for a client. It was cold and chill, the hotel I stayed was decorated so beautifully and I had a nice friend accompanying me on the project.

aah How many sleeps to X-mas I ask


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