Bookalore- December 2013 event

Bookalore’s Dec 2013 event was held at Butterfly Talent Academy in HRBR Layout. Author Poile Sengupta kept the kids engaged through her amusing story of how the animals thought that the sky was falling. She left the kids in raptures what with her caa-ing and cooing. Many animals joined her story, what with tigers, lions, hens, pigeons, cats , and dogs crying that the sky was indeed failing down.It takes a clever girl to tell them that it was a blue ribbon falling from the sky and not the sky !!

Author Alankrita Jain read from her new book Little Laali. Kids were given puzzles in a group to solve. Kids fixed bees,grasshoppers and other animals seen in the book in a jiffy

The kids were each given a small tag to color and turn into a adorable watch which they are displayed very proudly. All of them characters from her book Little Laali

It was indeed heartening to see many parents queue up to buy books for kids

We picked books from CBT publications for gift exchange in school

Pictures from the event can be viewed at Bookalore’s facebook page here

Our little fella got back home and continued to hum : Bangalore’s Big Little Book club”, something the kids were asked to say in chorus . So thats Bookalore for you.

Bangalore’s Big Little Book club !

Truly , a saturday morning well spent

***Secret Santa : amma wishes to grow old like Poile auntie,those silvery whites on her hair, her gait her diction. All through the session, amma sat looking at auntie in awe. At 60, amma hopes she can be another Poile auntie, narrating, cooing and caa-ing for kids like Poile auntie

Thanks Poile auntie for an amazing saturday and a quick shout to Vijaylakshmi  Nagaraj for being there as a leader all through out and managing it so well.

Appreciated from the bottom of my heart


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